1. To encourage fair trade practices and maintain high standards of professionalism and service in the publishing industry.

2. To cooperate with other associations representing similar or allied businesses, and with organisations of educational or cultural nature in Singapore and other countries of the world to further the reading of books.

3. To encourage the widest possible distribution of books in Singapore in particular, and throughout the world in general.

4. To promote and protect, by all lawful means, the interests of the publishers in Singapore.

5. To protect members by dealing collectively with problems which can best be so dealt with.

6. To examine all legislative proposals likely to affect publishers and the book trade, and to take such measures in support thereof, in opposition thereto or to secure amendments thereto as may be expedient.

7. To extend the activities and usefulness of the association as may seem desirable.

8. To encourage the improvement of the technical and educational qualifications of members of the association and their staff and to initiate or encourage research into the resolution of all problems technical or otherwise affecting the production and distribution of books.

9. To form groups of members with specialised interests, and to promote and protect, within the framework of the association, the special interests of such members.

10. To encourage local publishing and allied trades in Singapore.

11. To encourage local authors, and to take necessary measures to strengthen the copyright laws in Singapore and stop piracy of books.

12. To help to foster national consciousness through publishing.

13. To invest in moveable and immoveable property or properties, or acquire rights or privileges for and on behalf of the association.