About the Internship Programme

The Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA) launched the SBPA Internship Programme in 2015.

The internship programme comprises of a centralised training programme for interns working for SBPA member companies. Weekly training seminars have been organized, to introduce the interns to the different aspects of book publishing in Singapore such as book retail, book production, editing, marketing and design. The seminars are held on Friday afternoons throughout the internship programme. Companies continue to train the interns for the rest of the work weeks. 

2019 Internship Programme

Interested to know more about what the interns learn over the course of 10 weeks? Here is an overview of the various workshops and seminars interns get to go through every week on Friday.


21st of May marks the opening session of the Internship Programme 2019! The President of the SBPA, Peter Schoppert gave an opening introduction into the world of publishing. All of the interns got to meet each other for the first time and are all geared up for their new posts in the coming weeks.

On May 24th, the interns were given an overview on Educational Publishing and Children’s Books Publishing. Minnelli Seow, Director of Star Publishing gave a talk on the various stages of Educational Publishing and imparted knowledge on the timelines educational publishers have to adhere to. Melissa Ooi, Assistant Publishing Manager for English Scholastic brought the interns into the world of the likes of Geronimo Stilton and the various marketing decisions that go into the design and publication of children’s books.

Mindy Pang who is the Marketing Manager, General and Reference Publishing of Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) gave a riveting seminar on the editorial process. She gave the interns a checklist of steps when it comes to editing. The importance of having one’s own house style of editing was also conveyed to them. As a fun way to ease ourselves into the editing process, they got to work in groups to try turning an academic piece written in Singlish to cater for different audiences.

Saad Chinoy, Chief Geek of Tusitala (RLS) Pte Ltd (Singapore) conducted an interactive and fruitful session on digital publishing. Interns got a chance to learn and work on making an Augmented Reality Card using phone applications like Blippar. The interns got to see their drawings come to life in front of their very eyes through augmented reality!

Publishing Consultant Ilangoh Thanabalan and Chris Toh, Assistant Marketing Manager of Epigram Books gave rewarding talks on marketing. Ilangoh gave insight on the world of marketing and gave various examples of successful marketing campaigns he has run such as that of Harry Potter and Anthony Bourdain’s Tour of Singapore. Chris gave a humorous and informative talk on digital marketing for publishing where interns got an introduction to different marketing techniques.

The interns were very privileged to get a chance to visit Markono Print Media Pte Ltd in this session. They gave an interesting talk on the production process of a book after a book’s content leaves the publisher’s hands. After that the interns toured the different floors of the printing company and were intrigued by the various automated machines that make the printing process more efficient.

Hairul Latiff, Creative Director and Yenni Wijaya, Studio Director of B.RU Collective Pte Ltd conducted a session on Book Cover design for all of our interns. The interns got to learn about what makes a book cover eye-catching and effective. Not only are the visuals important, how the books are bound and the texture of the books are also equally paramount. Personal anecdotes on the challenges the speakers faced whilst working as young graphic designers were also shared with the interns, making it a worthwhile session.

For the retail module, the interns went on an exciting excursion to Times Waterway Point where Stephen Fung, Merchandising Manager shared with everyone about the various decisions that go into the products sold in a bookstore. A bookstore’s design and layout are also especially important to attract the consumers’ eye as well as to facilitate events. Interns also got the opportunity to interact with Kenny Leck, Owner of BooksActually in the flesh as he answered questions about his experience in setting up his own bookstore and publishing arm – Math Paper Press. They also got a chance to peruse and purchase books after the talks.

All of the interns had the opportunity to head down to Keppel Logistics to learn more about Book Distribution. It was an intriguing time as the interns had plenty of questions about the various stages of the book distribution process from the receiving and storing of books to the final sorting and dissemination of the books. As the interns toured around the factory, they learned about the relationship between the publishing market and the operations within the logistics company. Automation and the digitisation of books have also changed the supply chain significantly and such changes were conveyed to the interns.

Our interns went on a grand tour of the National Gallery’s exhibition Tour of Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia (1960-1990s) by senior curator Seng You Jin. It was enlightening as everyone got to see a different perspective to Asian art as well as politics. An introduction to art book publishing by the Content Publishing Team and Elaine Ee was also given in which the interns got to see and feel various samples of the art books featuring their exhibitions. Thereafter, Yam Yong Ling, Editor, and Suharti Samsudin, Senior Marketing Manager of Taylor and Francis Asia Pacific gave an enriching talk on academic publishing where interns learned about the various marketing techniques as well as the role of a commissioning editor. Both sessions gave a comprehensive overview when it comes to publishing specific genres of books.

The 26th of July marks the end of the Internship Programme 2019. It has been a great experience for all as the interns have gleaned many lessons over the 10 weeks and have gotten much exposure into the publishing industry. The closing session celebrated the achievements of our interns as certificates were presented to them. A moderated Q&A was also held with representatives from the Library Association of Singapore, IMDA and NAC to discuss future career options. The event closed with a farewell lunch specially prepared for our interns.

2020 Internship Programme

Applications for the 2019 Internship Programme are now closed. Applications for the 2020 Internship Programme will open in January 2020. We look forward to your participation. Please e-mail the Secretariat at if you require more information about the Internship Programme.